Testimonials ForBill Weddington - Broker Associate / Launch Coach

Bill had the courage

My wife and I wanted to buy a home instead of living in an apartment with leaking roofs, and a load of other issues that were only addressed by a total stranger who knew nothing about living maintenance or residential construction. We wanted to live in a place that we owned an could call our own to where if there were any repairs needed to be made, that we would be the ones who wanted to make sure that it was fixed correctly. After starting the journey with Lori, our loan agent. We were referred to Bill. We are people who live with courage,honor, trust, and respect. My wife and I had no idea what was entailed with buying a home or where to start with it. We didn’t understand terms, the process. None of it made sense. Bill had the courage to take on a couple who knew nothing about the process and was willing to take his time, and patience to fully explain every detail of any and every form, any term we weren’t familiar with. And not once showed any signs of being irritated not frustrated with our lack of knowing. He is a man of honor to where he knew that “yes, this may be a challenging, elongated process because this couple know nothing of this process” but he stayed professional and never once came off as being condascending. He was laid back and made every encounter a fun but also very relaxed to where my wife not myself felt stressed. He respected our thoughts, decisions, and our view points on where we wanted to live, what quality of home we wanted an was aiming for. And as for trust. If my wife and I ever wanted to try and sell this home, or in any situation of where we wanted to buy another home in the Sacramento area or any area that Bill has jurisdiction over that we would trust him 110% to help find the path that we need to make in order to better our future.