Testimonials ForBill Weddington - Broker Associate / Launch Coach

Bill is a hard working realtor

Finally! A moment to myself and a chance to give Bill Weddington some much needed Praise! Bill is a hard working realtor with fantastic sources, especially his lender Lori Dawn Lackie Hawkins and her team at Mid Valley Funding & Investments, Inc. Thank You Guys so very much. As the Stewart of my home we plan, budget, and juggle three teenagers while living on mostly one income. Like many we lost our house during the house drop and were renters. Both my wife and myself attend the ARC ACE program and have little time outside of our busy schedules to do much of anything else, buying a house was the last thing on our mind. Bill and Lori both took our trust and faith and helped us into a house big enough for all of us and we still managed to stay with-in our budget. Thank you Bill”