Testimonials ForBill Weddington - Broker Associate / Launch Coach

Bill Weddington was very professional

Mr. Bill Weddington was very professional in selling my house. I was immediately impressed with his preparation and homework. Within just a few hours of contacting him, he provide me with all the information I needed to sell the house and the approximate value of the house. This was my first time selling a house and he made me at ease with the process. He provided me a contact for a local contractor who I was very happy with in preparing my house for sale. Though the process of selling the house, he was always available for contact on recommendations or advice on the sale the house. After getting my house ready for sale, I had to move from Sacramento to Miami. I had full confidence in Bill Weddington that he would take care of the sale of the house. That confidence was not misplaced. During the initial showing of the house, there was a problem with the house that required some professional work. Bill Weddington was able to locate a specialist and have the problem solved. I cannot thank Bill Weddington for expert work to sell my house.